REMVue® 500

The REMVue® 500 is an advanced single system engine/compressor control and monitoring system capable of air-fuel control and optimization, on-line diagnostics and safety shutdown control. It can be configured as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with other hardware/software systems.

  • Built on a standard robust PLC hardware platform
  • Increased functionality at each product level
  • Standard software tools across all tiers
  • Easy migration from low tier to high tier applications

Many of the REMVue® parameters are controlled by password to reduce the possibility of changes that can seriously affect its performance and that of the compressor/engine.

With the capability to effectively monitor and control key compressor and engine parameters, the REMVue® consistently delivers reduced fuel costs with optimized horsepower, reduced engine emissions and maintenance costs, and increased uptime. Operations with installed REMVue® have realized a rise in profits due to higher productivity, fewer costs, improved safety programs and positive environmental results.

Features of the REMVue® 500 include:

  • Continuous on-line control and analysis
  • Air/fuel control
  • Governor control
  • Process/load control
  • Engine performance
  • Safety shutdown
  • Compressor performance
  • Compressor health
  • Fuel flow
  • Compressor flow
  • Compressor horsepower
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Real-time BSFC
  • Real-time compressor leak calculation
  • Communications and remote control

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