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REM Technology Inc. (RTI) is a technology development company specializing in the optimization, monitoring, diagnostics and control of reciprocating machinery with emphasis on high reliability. RTI technology solutions come as packaged control systems with application software, application-specific engine/compressor modifications and end devices matched to Customer needs.

At REM Technology Inc., we are committed to developing, proving, and providing technologies that have a positive environmental effect by reducing undesired emissions, improving reliability, and reducing operating costs of reciprocating and associated rotating equipment in the oil and gas industry and associated sectors. Our technologies (REMVue®, SlipStream®, REMWeb, EcoPlug, REMonitor, etc.) allow Customers to achieve lower operating costs and improve reliability as they reduce their carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOX), greenhouse gas, and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions — environmental compliance and emissions reduction with a payback!

By improving and optimizing the performance of engines and their loads with the REMVue® technology, we have consistently improved fuel efficiency, leading to lower greenhouse gas emission rates. We also reduce emissions of CO and nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) from natural gas engines with improved control methods and optimized combustion processes. This improved efficiency comes from our advanced patented air-fuel control technology and our intimate knowledge of industrial reciprocating equipment.

RTI SlipStream® technology enables the addition of unpredictable and variable quality vented combustible gases to engine fuel, thereby reducing fuel costs, greenhouse and VOC emissions from natural gas facilities.

RTI’s EcoPlugs with advanced engine efficiency software are currently resetting Customer expectations with exceptional durability and fuel efficiency.

The BOSSPAC WASP technology, for which RTI is a master distributor in the US, is an exciting new device for enhancing compressor reliability. The WASP™ system wirelessly monitors compressor valve impact intensity and temperature to flag abnormal performance. The early detection of compressor valve failure helps prevent valve leaks, damage from broken components, and unscheduled shutdowns; improves compressor reliability; and keeps performance at the top.

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