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Fike has a wide range of rupture disks suited to meet your needs

Rupture Discs Solutions for Nearly Any Pressure Relief Challenge

Fike rupture discs offer tighter burst tolerances, greater cycle life and higher operating ratios than the rest. That means you can run your operation at full capacity and for longer periods of time without worrying about the premature failure of a rupture disc.

Spartan's solutions include: Rupture discs, Pressure Relieve Valve Protection, and Custom Engineering Solutions.
Fike Rupture Discs and Holders


Size Range
0.5 inch - 24 inch
Burst Pressure Range
1.5 psi - 11,000 psi
Forward Acting or Reverse Acting
316/316L SST, Hastelloy®C276 and Inconel®625 / 600, Monel 400, Others available upon request.


  • Pre-Bulging Process - While bulging the metal, an engineered reversal point is implemented, which allows for precise control in the disc’s pressure. This patented technique allow us to “control the reversal” to a degree previously unimaginable, creating an ultra-reliable disc that’s proven to withstand in excess of 100,000 cycles.
  • Patented Opening Feature - Conventional scoring and coining methods used to create the disc’s opening feature may cause microscopic mechanical damage, resulting in loss of burst tolerance control. G2’s laser ablating and patented milling technologies remove material rather than compress it, greatly supporting the engineered reversal point.
  • Pre-Engineered Manufacturing - All configurations of rupture disc sizes, burs pressures and materials have been pre engineered and pre-calculated. Therefore, a rupture disc with any combination of variables may be manufactured with maximum reliability and the shortest lead times in the industry.