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OmniSeal expanding plug valves are designed for applications where positive shut-off, verifiable zero leakage and double block and bleed (DB&B) and or double isolation and bleed (DIB) capabilities are required.
They are ideal for a variety of applications including leased automated custody transfer (LACT), product metering, aviation fueling, product isolation, blending, lockout/tagout (LOTO), multi-product manifolds, tank storage and other DB&B applications. The OmniSeal is a single valve solution that simultaneously blocks both the upstream and downstream flow while allowing the user to verify seal integrity using a manual or automatic body bleed system. It replaces older double block and bleed systems that use two valves with a spool and bleed valve in[1]between. OmniSeal valves have exclusive features designed for better performance throughout the valve’s lifetime.
OmniSeal Expanding Plug Valve


NPS 2” to 36”
Pressure Ratings
ASME 150CL to 900CL
Temperature Range
-49F to 400F / -45C to 204C
Design Standards
API 6D and ISO 9001, API 607 and API 6FA, CE/PED, CRN (Canadian Registration), TA-Luft


  • OmniSeal expanding plug valves are ideal for applications that require positive shut-off, verifiable zero leakage and double block and bleed (DB&B) and or double isolation and bleed (DIB) capability. Some of the more common applications include :
  • Blending Units: Accurate blending of ethanol or other regional fuel grades requires valves with exceptionally high seal integrity to ensure accurate measurement of additives and blending stocks. The OmniSeal DB&B is specifically designed for these type of applications.
  • Product Isolation: Secure isolation of biofuels or other process-sensitive fluids is critical for environmental and process safety. The OmniSeal DB&B’s verifiable zero leakage and positive shutoff capabilities make it an ideal solution for isolation and process-sensitive applications.
  • Multi-Product Manifolds: Pipeline, refinery and transfer manifolds need to flow multiple products (e.g. diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, blending stocks, etc.) reliably and without contamination. The OmniSeal DB&B is an effective tool for preventing product cross-contamination.
  • Prover Loops: Proper calibration of flow meters requires that every valve in the prover loop system must have a zero leak rate. Any leak could mean an error in calibration. OmniSeal DB&B valves are used to ensure leak tight closure and accurate calibration.
  • Custody Transfer Units: Transfer of valuable media relies on accurate measurement of product transfer quantity. The OmniSeal DB&B provides positive shutoff and zero leak rate, thereby ensuring the accuracy of transfer quantity calculations.
  • Offshore Platforms: Valve leakage on an offshore platform can result in damage to equipment and the environment. The OmniSeal DB&B has excellent low pressure positive shutoff characteristics and is a great choice for use on offshore platforms.
  • Terminals: Terminals used for loading and unloading tankers require valves with positive sealing in order to prevent environmental damage due to spillage. The OmniSeal DB&B provides positive sealing and zero leak rate in a reliable single valve solution.
  • Tank Farms (Oil Depots): Tank isolation valves, which are operated frequently, require zero leak rate and a high degree of reliability. The OmniSeal DB&B valve provides a reliable, high integrity seal designed for frequent and long-term use.
  • Aviation Fueling Systems: Airport fueling systems require valves that close quickly and have verifiable seal integrity. This allows for quick maintenance, repair, leak location and testing. The OmniSeal DB&B valve’s verifiable zero leak rate ensures that maintenance, repair, leak location and hydrant testing can be done safely and quickly. OmniSeal DB&B expanding plug valves have been determined to be a “Product of the USA “ by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP). This applies to both commercial and US government or military procurement