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Clarkson SU10R Knife Gate Valve
Figure SU10R Polyurethane Knife Gate Valve
The SU10R valve provides bi-directional isolation and features a field replaceable snap-in liner for enhanced protection against abrasion and corrosive slurries, resulting in improved reliability and service life.

Reducing Your Total Cost of Ownership with Emerson's Clarkson SU10R

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Clarkson SU10R Knife Gate Valve

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Clarkson SU10R Knife Gate Valve


Size Range
NPS 2 - 24 (DN 50 - 600)
Temperature Rating
Up to 250 °F (120 °C)
Pressure Rating
150 psi (1000 kPa)
Design Standard
MSS SP-151
Face to Face
MSS SP-81 Short
ASME Class 125/150, AS 2129 Table C/D/E, PN 10/16
End Connection
Flanged: ASME 150, AS 2129 Table C/D/E, PN 10/16
Valve Type
Knife Gate Valve, Slurry Knife Gate Valve


  • True bi-directional flow and shut-off: allow the valve to be installed in either direction and provide versatility in its application.
  • Unique one-piece precision molded high strength polyurethane liner: protects the wetted parts from corrosion and abrasion, ensuring durability and longevity of the valve.
  • Compact two-piece split body construction: offers ease of maintenance, making it easier to service and repair the valve as needed.
  • One-piece liner is field replaceable with standard tools
  • Integral flange seals eliminate need for flange gaskets
  • Full round port and seat design reduce pressure drop across valve to extend service life in abrasive applications
  • Inverted self-aligning packing gland improves packing life
  • Fully rated 316 stainless steel gate, with optional 17-4 ph to provide improved abrasion resistance against the rigors of abrasive applications.
  • Full round port and seat design offers low pressure drop across valve and longer service life in abrasive applications.
  • Designed to be a repairable asset, lower the cost of ownership.
  • Inverted self-aligning gland box allows for easier setup and longer packing life.
  • Complies with MSS SP-81 face-to-face dimensions.