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EB Split Body Side Entry Ball Valve

The ball of trunnion mounted configuration is supported by bearing plates hold by the end adaptors.

In such a way the pressure loads are transferred to the valve body granting a smooth rotation of the ball with low torque levels and reduced seat seal wear.

PERAR Trunnion Mounted Bolted Body Side‐Entry Ball Valves represent the basic design standard.
They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and pressure classes typically from forgings.

EB Split Body Side Entry Ball Valve


4” to 68”
Pressure Classes
ASME 150# to 2500#, API 6A 3000 to 15000
Temperature Range
‐196°C to 400°C


  • Soft Seating | Standard
  • Manual operated or Actuated | Standard
  • Metal Seating | On Request
  • Stem Extension | On Request
  • Self‐relieving Seats | Standard
  • Extended Bonnet | On Request
  • Double Piston Effect Seats | On Request
  • Welded Pups | On Request
  • Vent & Drain Ports | Standard
  • Sealing Areas Overlay | On Request
  • Emergency Sealant Injection | On Request for 6” FB and above
  • Wetted Areas Overlay | On Request