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Keystone K-LOK Figure 360/362 and 370/372 High Performance Butterfly Valves
Keystone K-LOK Figure 360/362 and 370/372 high performance butterfly valves are rated to ASME Class 150 and Class 300, and provide bi-diectional, drop-tight closure.
These valves are available in a variety of materials to optimize reliabiliy, no matter the application.


  • Actuator mounting according to ISO 5211.
  • Rocker-shaped gland bridge compensates for uneven adjustment of gland nuts.
  • Extended neck allows for two inches of pipeline insulation.
  • Flattened body bore at shaft journal ports positions shaft bearings near disc, providing maximum shaft support.
  • Disc taper pins are tangentially positioned half in disc and half in shaft, placing them in compression rather than shear, which eliminates potential for failure.
  • Integrally cast disc position stop perfectly locates the disc in seat, achieving maximum seat and seal life.
  • K-LOK polymer, elastomer, and fire-safe seats provide bi-directional, drop-tight closure in vacuum and throughout all pressure ranges, as well as at full rated differential pressure. A variety of materials allows optimum seat life in all applications.