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Multi-turn bevel gear actuators for manual and electrical actuation.
Robust and compact design that are widely used on valves for oil and gas, chemical, power, and waste & wastewater applications. 

Sambo Gears

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Sambo Spiral Bevel Gear Actuators – SB Series


Product Type
Gear Operator, Multi-turn
Manual & Electric
IP67 Class, ISO 5211
Valve Type
Wedge Gate, Sluice Gate, Slab Gate, Globe, Damper
Operating Temperature
High up to +200 degC (+392 degF). Low down to -60 degC (-76degF)


  • Multiple models available up to a torque rating of 142,000 Nm and thrust capacity of 11,500 kN
  • Units are available with single and double reduction gear attachments with multiple input shaft options
  • Input bevel gear is fully supported on deep groove ball bearings
  • Unique top entry replaceable stem nut and dual locking nuts