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The REXA Xpac Electraulic™ Actuator is a superior positioning device well suited for critical control applications.
The product is designed to control severe process conditions in harsh environments and provide high reliability. Electraulic™ Actuators and Drives provide the final control element capabilities to match the most sophisticated instrumentation and distributed control systems.
The Xpac is comprised of the mechanical subassembly and the electrical subassembly. The mechanical subassembly consists of a double acting hydraulic cylinder, position feedback sensor and an Electraulic™ Power Module. The power module is a unique, self-contained, sealed hydraulic pumping system which manages oil pressure and flow to and from the cylinder. The electrical subassembly consists of the power supplies, motor drivers and a dedicated microprocessor. The combination of these mechanical, hydraulic and electronic technologies gives the Xpac its state of the art capability.

We are proud to provide Rexa’s Linear and Rotary Actuators, as well as Damper Drives, to suit your application needs.

*Xpac Series 1 & 2 also available. Please contact us for futher information. 

Rexa Actuators Overview

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  • Electraulic Power Module – key components of the power module include a 100% duty cycle motor, bi-directional gear pump, and Flow Matching Valves
  • Pressure Gauges – provided as standard, color-coded- these gauges help with troubleshooting
  • Manual Bypass- integral bypass is provided to equalize pressure on each side of the cylinder for use during installation and commissioning.
  • Oil Level indicator – expansion chamber includes a large, spring-loaded volume indicator
  • Display & Keypad-simple, user-friendly push button calibration