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As a means of public safety, injecting gas with a strong scented odorant provides the ability to easily detect gas leaks.
Industrial Odorization Technologies & Applications

As a means of public safety, injecting gas with a strong scented odorant provides the ability to easily detect gas leaks.

The Dosaodor-D Smart Odorizing System with solenoid valve injection technology offers a better solution compared to absorption systems. It is extremely easy to use, offering remote access and less maintenance compared to other technologies.
The simple mechanical design uses frequent small injections and a wick distribution system to ensure consistent concentration of odorant, even when flow rates vary, for an exceptionally reliable performance. The solenoid injection valve, driven by a proprietary algorithm, provides the precise amount of odorizing liquid over low summer to high winter flow rates.

This feature is particularly important as excess liquid results in nuisance alarm calls, whereas a lack of liquid can result in compromising safety in the case of a downstream natural gas leak. The Dosaodor-D offers the most efficient solution, delivering superior performance while reducing annual energy consumption by 200kW per installation. Its proven reliability minimizes the risk of unexpected downtimes.
Turnkey packaging

Turnkey packaging

Standardized and custom packages to meet customer and site specific needs.
  • Fully integrated, drop in place total solution
  • Best in class accuracy and reliability of all equipment and instrumentation
  • Know-how to ensure the best performance of all the devices
  • Single point of contact – less interface with third party providers
  • Set up and commissioning, 24/7 support
Differential Pressure Odorizer (IOTA - DP)


Maximum Working Pressure
Supply: 1450 psi (100 bar)
Maximum Working Pressure
Injection:203 psi (14 bar), 551 psi (38 bar), or 870 psi (60 bar)
Odorant Flow Rate
0.13 to 3.70 Gallons per hour (0,5 to 14,0 l/hr) (0.89 to 24.97 pounds/hr at 6.75 pounds/gal)
Temperature Range without building
14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C)


  • Extremely Low Maintenance Cost
  • Uniform Odorant Distribution
  • High Turn-Down Ratio
  • Environmentally Friendly (No Gas/Odorant Venting)
  • Standard and Scalable Hardware Platform
  • Variety of Redundancy and Backup Options
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