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Spartan applies leading industry technology to deliver efficient flow and density measurements for accurate net oil calculations that allow for local readability or digital access through an operator interface.

The ROC Net Oil Computer (NOC) with Micro Motion™ Coriolis Meter provides a well production flow computer solution designed for compliance with Directive 17 and API 2540 calculations.

Designed with flexibility for multiphase separators, the ROC NOC can accommodate standard 24 hours well tests or continuous group production applications. Explore Spartan's automated process control solutions and discover the convenience of accurate accessible data for optimized production.

FB107 Well Production (ROCNOC)


Well Database
15 with independent shrinkagefactors
Historical Records
12 historicalmeter factors
MODBUS or Pulse; Micro Motion™ or Turbine Flow Input; Temperature (RTD or 4-20mA), Pressure Inputs; Optional Phase Dynamics or Drexelbrook Input; Supports 1 or 2 separators; 24-hour or continuous tests; Supports test case calculations
Cut Measurement
0 to 100% water
Cut ±2.0% watertypical; Gross Volume: ±0.1%; Density: ±0.5 kg/m3; Mass: ±0.1%
Minimum Density Difference
100 Kg/M3 when using density for inferredwater cut
Pressure Drop
≤ 35 kPa (5 Psi)
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 70°C (When used withheated enclosure)
Panel Power
120 VAC, 200 Watts (with heaterinstalled)
Area Class
Class 1 Div2 (On standard panel design with no printer)


  • Provides oil, water and gas volumes
  • Provides 0–100% water cut
  • Up to two 2-phase or 3-phase separators
  • Density and temperature compensation
  • Compliant with:
  • • AER Directive 17
  • • API 2540 2004 calculations