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WirelessHART® IEC 62591 RTU Interface
An integrated wireless solution that transforms the way operations are managed with industry leading ROC800, FloBoss™, and ControlWave® product families to address the needs of the upstream and midstream oil and gas markets.
The wireless interface module allows instrument data to be directly integrated with the RTU database and control logic. Configuration is seamless and occurs without the need to map data between the RTU and the wireless gateway.


  • First integrated solution that doesn’t require gateway mapping, reducing startup time, eliminating the high cost of trenching, laying conduit, and pulling cables
  • Automatically find their way around obstacles and are auto-recognized to speed up installation and create greater flexibility
  • Installation allows physical and environmental mounting flexibility so users are not limited to a specific location during device setup
  • Enhanced visibility and process knowledge of your field eliminating unnecessary trips and minimizing time spent at remote sites
  • Implement encryption, authentication, verification, anti-jamming and key management methods to ensure that data transmissions are secure
  • No site survey required, making it easy and fast to set up the wireless field instrumentation, saving time and money
  • Optimized for low power environment, minimizing additional power infrastructure investments
  • Lower total installation cost
  • Simpler and more flexible project deployment
  • Improved safety and increased reliability
  • Enhanced operating performance