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Well Test Manager
Maximize well control for a more efficient allocation of resources.
The Well Test Manager application determines gas and liquids allocation volumes for up to 64 wells by sampling from a test separator containing a gas meter and liquid meters. Well Test Manager is an exclusive application for the ROC800-Series.


  • An exclusive ROC800-Series application
  • Work in conjunction with Coriolis NOC/PVR for 2 Phase test trains
  • Multiple program sizes supporting up to 11, 32, or 64 virtual meters
  • Ability to enable wells for test, set test order and insert a well for a single test upon completion of current test
  • Support for automation testing or manual testing with 24 hour equivalent results
  • Well test reports for the current and previously validated tests for each well are stored in program records or Soft Point tables, each easily accessible by SCADA systems
  • ESD valve monitoring for each well with actions on failure
  • Valve position verification and actions on failure
  • Optional normalization of off cycle well gas correction and liquid ratios, so all values equal 100% of Sales measurement (virtual meters only)
  • Validation criteria including gas correction factor minimum threshold, current vs. last tolerances for gas, oil and water factors