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Tank Manager
Tank Manager
An innovative application that allows producers to record liquid production and hauling using accurate level and flow measurements.
Producers have confirmation of each haul ticket by an audit trail that records all pertinent data. All liquid is accurately accounted for with precise measurement and tracking. When a haul is completed, Tank Manager creates an electronic haul ticket that includes driver, ID, haul volume, corrected haul volume, hauled time and date, among others.


  • Correction of hauled volume back to Net Standard Volumes using API Standard
  • Oil and water inventories
  • Instantaneous production and hauling totals for each tank or tank aggregate (group of joined tanks)
  • Daily and monthly accumulated totals of production and hauled volumes
  • LACT Configuration and Measurement Configuration
  • Haul log viewing and hauling screens configuration
  • Ensure precise measurement of delivered quantities
  • Reduce field personnel time associated with verifying post-haul inventories at site
  • Calculate inferred production during hauling, provide seal-on and seal-off tracking, and display a variety of tank production statistics in user-friendly displays
  • Simulate tank level manipulation, meter rates, and conducting hauls through a version of the Tank Manager program
  • Allocate the produced and hauled liquids back to each well at the location
  • Provide safety/control interlocks to automate loading valves or pumps