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The GA500 Industrial AC Microdrive is engineered to help you easily handle nearly any application.
Sustainability, flexibility, and ease of use are all designed into the drive, helping you make complicated tasks simple. Offering intuitive interaction and world-class quality, the GA500 is the drive you can count on for constant, high quality performance.

Yaskawa GA500 - Sustainable, Flexible, Easy

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Yaskawa GA500 Drive


Power Range
1-phase 200~240 V: 0.1 to 4 kW (HD) / 2.2 kW (ND); 3-phase 200~240 V: 0.1 to 22 kW (ND); 3-phase 380~400 V: 0.1 to 30 kW (ND)
Rated Input Frequency
50 Hz
Allowable Voltage Fluctuation
-15 to +10%
Allowable Frequency Fluctuation
DC Supply
200 V class: 270 to 340 Vdc; 400 V class: 513 to 679 Vdc
Overload Tolerance
HD: 150% of rated output current for 60 s; ND: 110% of rated output current for 60 s (allowable every 9 mins after overload 1 min)
DC Reactor
Braking Transistor
Built in
Applicable Motor Types
Induction/PM/Synchronous Reluctance
Maximum Output Frequency
Induction Motor: 590 Hz; PM Motor – Vector Control: 590 Hz; PM Motor – Advanced Vector Control: 270 Hz; IM/PM/SynRM – EZ Vector Control: 120 Hz
Output Frequency Resolution
0.001 Hz
Starting Torque
V/f control (IM): 150% @ 3 Hz; Vector Control (IM): 150% @ 0.6 Hz; Vector Control (PM): 100% @ 10% speed
Speed Control Range
V/f control (IM): 1:40; Vector Control (IM): 1:100; Vector Control (PM): 1:10; Advanced Vector Control (PM): 1:100; EZ Vector (IM/PM/SynRM): 1:10
Zero Speed Control
Possible with Advanced Vector Control for PM, sensorless, IPM motor
Torque Limit Control
Possible in Vector Control (IM/PM) and Advanced Vector Control (PM), sensorless, 4 quadrants individually adjustable; Acceleration/Deceleration Ramps 4 individual, 0 to 6000 s linear, 4 separately adjustable S-curves
Braking Torque
Approx. 20% without braking resistor, approx. 125% with braking resistor
V/f Pattern
Freely adjustable
Motor electronic thermistor function; Motor PTC input; Instantaneous over current at 200% of rated current; Drive over load 150% (HD) / 110% (ND) for 1 min, once per 10 min; DC over voltage at 420 Vdc (230 V units) / 820 Vdc (400 V units); Output ground fault; Motor stall prevention
Software Functions
Power outage ride through control; PID control; Speed search (catch coasting motor); Over-/undertorque detection; 17-step multi-speed operation; Resonance frequency avoidance; Motor data auto-tuning rotating/in stop condition; Dwell function; Cooling fan control by heatsink temperature; Reference limiter; DC brake; Overexcitation braking / High-slip braking; Energy saving; Parameter copy function; DC over voltage suppression
Ambient Conditions
Place of Installation: Indoors, no direct sunlight; free from oil, mist, flammable gases, metal powder, oil, water, salt, harmful gases and liquids, solvents;
Vibration Resistance
10 to 20 Hz – 1 g (9.81 m/s²); 20 to 55 Hz – 0.6 g (5.9 m/s²)
UL61800-5-1; EN61800-2; IEC/EN61800-5-1; ISO/EN13849-1 Cat. III PLe, IEC/EN61508 SIL3 (2 Safety inputs, 1 EDM
IP20; UL type 1
Modbus/Memobus embedded via built in RS485 interface, 115.2 kBps
Programming Interface
Built in removable LED keypad with soft buttons; Built in USB mini port for connection a PC or Android Smart Device; Serial through keypad port (needs adapter)
Programming Tools
DriveWizard 10 (Windows 10); DriveWizard mobile (Android and iOS)
PLC logic / Application Programming
Programmable in DriveWorksEZ, up to 100 connections (DWEZ Pro) or 25


  • No power programming
  • Intuitive keypad
  • Conformal coated (IEC 60721-3-3: 3C2, 3S2)
  • Up to 30% smaller than the competition
  • Current vector control, open loop
  • Induction motor (IM), permanent magnet motor (PM), or synchronous reluctance motor operation
  • SIL3 (IEC 62061), PLe (ISO 13849-1) safety ratings
  • Embedded Modbus communication
  • Wide variety of communication options
  • Variety of mounting methods (standard, IP20/UL Type 1, side-by-side, external heatsink, DIN rail)
  • Embedded 24 Vdc power supply
  • Maintenance monitors
  • Cooling fan replacement without tools
  • Optional LCD or Bluetooth keypad
  • Global certifications (CE, UL, cUL, TUV, RCM)
  • MTBF: 28 years
  • Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR): 31 kA rms symmetrical
  • Common programming with all other Yaskawa drives
  • DriveWizard Industrial software for parameter management and start-up
  • DriveWizard Mobile application for smartphones and tablets
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD) programming via DriveWorksEZ™