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REMVue® Electric brings compressor control and process electrification into a single solution.
Save time and effort during install, commissioning, and maintenance without needing to run between the electrical and compressor buildings. Access, configure, and troubleshoot your electric compression asset from one place, even remotely.
Simplify your commissioning, start- up, and maintenance with an integrated solution, proudly supported by Spartan’s 24/7 service and support.


  • A solution built on 30+ years of compressor control IP and a worldwide installed base of Spartan control panels, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and motors.
  • Eliminate local NOx and meet your emissions compliance targets for the federal Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulations (MSAPR).
  • A single HMI provides complete visibility of the compressor, VFD, and motor. You can remotely control your HMI, access your data, troubleshoot alarms and faults, and optimize your electric compression asset at your convenience.
  • Reduce CO2e Emissions by Going Electric
  • Advanced Compressor Control
  • Simplify Process Electrification
  • Safety Shutdown Capability
  • Connected Service