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RMS Seismic Visualisation and Attributes
RMS Seismic Visualization and Attributes includes functionality for seismic import, seismic visualization and sampling of seismic-to-3D grids for further use in the geological-modeling workflow. Providing a range of attributes, this advanced solution facilitates high-quality interpretation of imported seismic data. Efficiently handle large seismic cube scan during attribute generation without compromising the speed or quality of the graphics.
RMS Seismic Visualisation and Attributes


Operating System
Operating System
Windows XP/Vista/7
64bit Windows PC
Windows XP x64/Vista x64/7 x64
64bit Linux PC
Linux Redhat v4 and v5


  • Use superior data to facilitate better decisions, make high-quality interpretations and improve quality control
  • Efficiently handle large datasets and multiple surveys
  • Easily incorporate seismic data in the reservoir model
  • Smoothly perform depth conversion of seismic data in time
  • Improve your decision-making process based on seismic inversion as an integrated part of the geomodeling workflow
  • Use inversion output parameters to condition facies and petrophysical models