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The Altronic DPYH-1300U series temperature gauges are solid-state instruments which give a continuous temperature readout and have an alarm/shutdown capability at a user-adjusted temperature limit.
Using industry-standard thermocouple probes, all models can be selected for either Fahrenheit or Centigrade readout. Power is from industrial C.D. ignition systems or 12-48 Vdc. The solid-state output limit switch can be used with Altronic annunciators or other specified devices (such as solenoids or conventional relays) operated from D.C. current.
Altronic DPYH-1300U SERIES


1-, 2- and 9-point models
Solid-state design replaces analog meters
Universal Features
Selectable °C or °F readout - powered from C.D. ignition or 12-48 VDC - solid-state limit switches
Limit set from front using display readout
Standard 4-12" round, weather resistant case