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Roxar Downhole Pressure and Temperature Gauges
Designed for permanent installation in oil and gas reservoirs, Roxar Downhole Pressure and Temperature Gauges feature quartz crystal measurements for reliable operation in the most extreme well conditions. The gauges continually transmit digitized pressure and temperature data to the surface from any reservoir location, empowering operators to make fully informed decisions throughout the well's lifetime.
Roxar Downhole Pressure and Temperature Gauges


Pressure Range
15 - 25,000 psi
Temperature Range
20 - 225 °C
Standard calibration pressure range
15 to 15,000 psi
Pressure accuracy
<±2.5 / 3 psi
Initial Temperature Accuracy
<±0.18 °F
Measurement Type
Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology
Pressure Range
Maximum working pressure: 20,000 psi
Material of wetted parts
Inconel 718/Inconel 625+


  • Measure far beyond hybridized electronic gauge limits with Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology accurate up to 225°C
  • Ensure long-term low-drift reading accuracy of bottom-hole temperature with quartz crystal measurements
  • Flexibly deploy in production, injection and observation wells, plus in highly complex multi-zone intelligent wells
  • Strengthen decision-making with integration with Emerson’s production-management system, Roxar Fieldwatch
  • Rely on downhole gauge carriers tailored specifically to Emerson’s downhole pressure and temperature sensor portfolio