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Rosemount™ 499AOZ Dissolved  Ozone Sensor
The Rosemount 499AOZ Dissolved Ozone Sensor is a membrane-covered amperometric sensor for the continuous measurement of dissolved ozone in water.
The dissolved ozone sensor is ideal for ozone measurement in municipal drinking water, bottled water and soft drink production. Other applications include semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing.
Rosemount™ 499AOZ Dissolved Ozone Sensor


1 lb/3 lb (0.5 kg/1.5 kg) Weight and shipping weight are rounded up to the nearest whole pound or 0.5kg.
Accuracy depends on the accuracy of the chemical test used to calibrate the sensor.
Ambient Temperature
32 to 122 °F (0 to 50 °C)


  • Molded from ozone-resistant polysulfone
  • Easily replaceable membrane, no special tools required
  • Pressure Equalization maintains correct membrane tension in pressurized samples
  • Automatic compensation for changes in membrane permeability
  • Variopol connector option allows the sensor to be replaced without running new cable