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Rosemount™ 1208 Level and Flow Transmitter - Non-Contacting Radar
The Rosemount 1208 Series provides accurate and reliable level measurement and open channel flow calculations.
The radar level transmitter has been designed to solve challenges in water and wastewater-, utilities- and basic chemical applications. The Rosemount 1208 uses continuous non-contacting radar technology in a compact PVDF housing with drinking water and food grade approvals. Its encapsulated design withstands outdoor conditions, is fully submersible and is suitable for hazardous location installations. The Rosemount 1208 Series communicates via Bluetooth® wireless technology, 4-20 mA HART™ or IO-link and has a broad range of mounting accessories, making it easily integrate into both new as well as existing systems.

How to configure the Rosemount 1208A Level and Flow Transmitter using the Rosemount IO-Link Assistant Software

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How to retrofit the Rosemount 1208 Level and Flow Transmitter with existing wiring using an M12 connector

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How to install the Rosemount 1208 Level and Flow Transmitter on your applications - Basic mounting instructions

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Unboxing the Rosemount 1208 Level and Flow Transmitter

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How to configure the Rosemount 1208C Level and Flow Transmitter with AMS Device Manager

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Rosemount™ 1208 Level and Flow Transmitter - Non-Contacting Radar


Communication Protocol
Bluetooth® wireless technology, 2-wire 4-20 mA HART or 3-wire 4-20 mA, IO-Link, Switch
Process connections and accessories sold separately. See Product Data Sheet for complete list of brackets, flanges, IO-Link accessories, etc.
Measurement Range
49.2 ft. (15m)
± 0.08 in. (± 2 mm)
Operating Temperature
-40 to 176°F (-40 to 80°C)
Operating Pressure
-14 to 43 psi (-1 to 3 bar)
Process Wetted Material
Enclosure Rating
IP67/68; NEMA 4X/6P
ATEX, IECEx, FM, NSF61, WRAS, KTW - BWGL, FDA, EG 1935/2004. See Product Data Sheet for complete list of certifications and approvals.


  • Compact and robust design to withstand harsh environments, designed for outdoor conditions, submersion and hazardous location installations
  • Simple configuration over your tablet/mobile device via Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • 4-20 mA HART or 4-20 mA, IO-link, and switching output deliver ease of integration to new or existing systems
  • Non-contacting radar technology ensures maintenance free solution unaffected by process conditions such as media density, viscosity, condensation, temperature, and pressure
  • Designed for ease of use, no complex configuration needed. Setup within minutes
  • M12 electrical connector allows for simple installation, startup, and cable/sensor replacement
  • PVDF housing to withstand corrosion in both wastewater- and chemical applications
  • Measure flow in flumes and open channels with incorporated flow measurement software
  • 1.5" G and NPT process connections are compatible with a range of flanges and adapters
  • Drinking water and food grade approved material composition allows for use in food- and drinking water applications
  • 80 GHz and FMCW technology allows for a focused beam angle, making the sensor less sensitive to internal obstructions within the application
  • Fast Sweep Technology provides continuous surface tracking for greater measurement reliability and accuracy, especially in fast filling applications