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Rosemount™ Hx338+ Steam Sterilizable & Autoclavable pH Sensor
rosemount hx338
The Rosemount Hx338+ sensor provides the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries with a unique pre-pressurized pH reference technology.
The pre-pressurized reference stops contamination between batches by not allowing the process to leak into the sensor. The pH reference also features a triple barrier junction which works to maintain a drift-free pH signal and fight poisoning ions (i.e., sulfides, proteins, or sugars), even after numerous sterilization cycles.
Rosemount™ Hx338+ Steam Sterilizable & Autoclavable pH Sensor


Measurement Range
pH Range: 0-14 pH
Operating Temperature
32°F -284°F (0°C -140°C)
Operating Pressure
0-87 psig (0-6 Bar)


  • Provides protection against batch cross-contamination with a pre-pressurized reference
  • Measures accurately after many SIP cycles at 286°F (140°C)
  • Installs easily with quick disconnects from cable-to-sensor
  • Requires minimal servicing and maintenance
  • Capitalizes on industry-standard PG13.5 installation connections
  • Maximizes sensor accuracy with built-in temperature compensation