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Micro Motion High Pressure Coriolis Flow Meter
The ideal solution for challenging high-pressure processes, the High-Pressure Coriolis Flow Meter works well in applications such as chemical injection on offshore platforms.
Accurate, repeatable measurement ensures precision downhole chemical delivery.
Micro Motion High Pressure Coriolis Flow Meter


Flow Rate
Up to 504 kg/hr (1110 lb/hr)
Liquid Mass Flow Acccuracy
up to ±0.1% at standard conditions
Liquid Mass Flow Repeatability
up to ±0.05% at standard conditions
Liquid Density Accuracy
up to ±0.001 g/cc at standard conditions
Temperature Range
± 1°C ±0.5% of reading at standard conditions
Pressure Range
Up to 15,375 psi (1060 bar)


  • Realize superior performance in high-pressure applications
  • Use one device for reliable and repeatable mass flow, volume flow, density, concentration and temperature measurement
  • Get the best real-world Coriolis performance at operating pressures up to 15,375 psi (1060 bar)
  • Minimize maintenance and boost long-term reliability with no moving parts to wear or replace
  • Maximize uptime using Smart Meter Verification to check system integrity without need to pull meter out of service
  • Accommodate any installation requirement with available two-wire, direct-connect (no transmitter needed), stainless steel and 5700 transmitters
  • Dramatically cut operating expenses by reducing over-injection of high-value chemicals