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Specifically developed for the stringent requirements of the offshore oil and gas markets, PAGASYS is ideally suited for offshore platforms, land based petro-chemical plants, military, and applications requiring the highest degree of reliability and functionality.
Stand-alone or fully duplicated failsafe systems can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the application. 
Pulse-width modulated, Class ‘D’ amplifiers operate with greater than 84% efficiency; minimizing heat generation; and preventing power surges upon start up. Also, these compact PA/GA systems require less space, a smaller UPS, and less cooling than conventional systems. 
On-board digital signal processors (DSP) provide tone generation and pre-recorded voice messages. Analog audio inputs permit seamless integration of external tone generators and intercom systems. An expandable I/O card approach allows you to integrate third party alarm systems and auxiliary signals, such as fire & gas detection controls and beacons, for a completely integrated facility emergency notification system.
Each PAGASYS rack can be equipped with hot standby amplifiers that assume the load in the event of an individual amplifier failure. Failed amplifiers and power supplies can be replaced quickly without having to power down the system or disconnect wiring. User controls and fault reporting are easily accessed on the optional touch screen PC or remotely via a computer.


  • Stand-alone, Hot Standby, or Duplicated systems with Network Options
  • Field configurable zones, I/O, and access panels
  • Impedance monitoring of speaker circuits with optional Individual Intelligent Speaker Monitoring and remote Tapping system (ISMT)
  • GUI, MIMIC and system diagnostics
  • Modular Construction with Hot Swappable Amplifiers & Power Supplies
  • PBX Interface & Feedback Eliminator (options)
  • Full compliment of safe and hazardous area access panels and microphone stations
  • Fiber Optic Ready
  • IP-Networkable
  • Custom tones and voice messages