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Rugged and reliable toxic & explosive gas detection for temporary or seasonal needs in hazardous locations

Our industrial process Customers often need short-term gas detection in temporary enclosures, hoardings or maintenance areas during maintenance or long-term, seasonal applications. Spartan Controls' GasVueTM is designed with your needs in mind. The wheeled cart is quickly deployable, easily movable, and extremely stable. The 20 m long sensor cables and a 10 m power cable allow you to mount your temporary detection where you need it.

Low Maintenance

Fixed point industrial gas detection means maintenance requirements are minimized. Calibration is only required on 12-month intervals for IR based LEL and 3 months for cat bead LEL or toxic detectors. The internal 1,000 event data loggers record the time and date of calibrations, alarms and faults in non-volatile memory.

Easy Deployment

The system can be easily deployed. Simply wheel the detector cart into position, tilt it back and set the stabilization wheels. Connect the power to an explosion proof 120 VAC outlet or extension cord and locate the sensors in the appropriate locations to detect hazardous gases and protect workers. Alarm levels are preset in the detector.

Wireless Connectivity

The system features long range wireless connectivity. It can typically be located within 120 m or more from an Emerson wireless gateway. The mesh networking means the more wireless devices in the areas, the more robust the connection. Wireless connectivity is optional but is easily set up using a Trex or 475 handheld communicator and connecting to the closest Rosemount wireless gateway. Only the gateway name and join code are required for connection.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Deployment
  • Wireless Connectivity