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The Model U9500 Infiniti® Transmitter is designed to be used with Det-Tronics gas detectors for continuous monitoring of dangerous gases.

Gas concentrations are displayed on an alphanumeric display in %LFL, ppm, or %Vol, depending on the sensor. The transmitter provides a 4 to 20 milliampere output signal that corresponds to the detected gas concentration. An optional relay package is available.

Each Infiniti transmitter is used with one sensor. The sensor may be mounted directly to the explosion-proof Infiniti housing, or it may be located remotely using a sensor separation kit


  • User-friendly setup
  • Non-intrusive calibration using the internal magnetic reed switch, or an externally located push button (not included)
  • Automatic fault diagnostics and annunciation
  • Sensor sensitivity and end of sensor life indication
  • Optional relay package provides three alarm relays (high, low, and auxiliary) and one fault relay