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Boreal GasFinder3-MC

The Open Path (OPX) Head Assembly consists of Open Path (OPX) Measurement Head, Retro-Reflector, and Cable Kit.

When the Open Path (OPX) Head Assembly is combined with the GasFinder3-MC, it creates an Open-Path Gas Detector that uses laser light to detect specific target gas molecules.
Open Path Laser Gas Detectors are used primarily for these applications:

  • Leak Detection: Provides immediate and unambiguous detection of fugivitive gas releases in industrial safety applications. 
  • Ambient Monitoring: Continuously monitor gas concentrations accurately and reliably over open area and/or point sources for environmental monitoring applications.

This technology is also most commonly referred to as Open Path Gas Detection (OPGD) or Line of Sight (LOS).

This particular technology is ideal for detecting or monitoring for a number of different Toxic, Combustible, Hazardous, or Greenhouse Gases. The most popular combustible gases include: Methane (CH4), Acetylene (C2H2), and Ethylene (C2H4)

Boreal Laser products are widely adopted in industrial applications primarily for its large area coveragefast speed of response, and maintenance friendly operation. With Open Path Gas Detectors (OPGD), you’re more likely to detect the presence of a leak than compared to slow to respond traditional point detectors.



Sensor factory calibrated to specific gas type and target concentration level
Maximum Loop Resistance
300 ohms at 18 Vdc, 600 ohms at 24 Vdc
316 stainless steel transmitter enclosure


  • The GasFinder3-MC can have two Measurement Head Assemblies connected to form two independent Active Measurement Paths.
  • Boreal Laser has a patented internal reference cell that does not require routine intervention or zero/span gas to eliminate drift as this is done automatically and once a minute.
  • Measure only the target gas and all of the target gas. Boreal analyzers do not suffer from cross interference and are not affected by humidity.
  • • Self Test/ Validation
  • • No Inherent Calibrations
  • • Designed to be modular
  • • Long life span
  • • HMI Display