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US Energy ST-505EP-1 / ST-505EP-2 / ST-481EP-2)

Using standard SAE mounting configurations intended for easy installation, our explosion proof AC & DC starters can be applied to both diesel and natural gas engines.

With an explosion proof casing manufactured from steel & aluminum, these starters can handle engine displacements from 150 to 12,000 CID. Our starter type allows for dual starter capabilities.

Our explosion proof AC & DC starters can handle horsepower ratings ranging from 4 to 35HP with a breakaway torque rating that ranges from 35 to 270 ft-lbs. Please inquire into our selection of alternative specialty mounting solutions. A wide variety of pinion gears can also be requested within your application. Meeting CSA, SAE, and UL industry standards, you can be assured that our starters are of the highest quality available in the marketplace. 

US Energy ST-505EP-1


Industry Focus :
Intended Application:
Diesel Engines
Natural Gas Engines
Dual Starters Available for Large Engines