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Altronic V is a self-powered, low-tension, capacitor discharge ignition system for 1 to 6 cylinder, 2 or 4-cycle engines.
The Altronic V unit can be furnished with any number of output channels between 1 and 6. For 4-cycle applications, a choice is offered of units using the exhaust stroke firing principle or units firing on the compression stroke only. Altronic V has internal timing pick-up coils combined with Altronic’s proven 8-pole permanent magnet alternator to give high output at low engine cranking speeds. 
Altronic V


Eliminates magneto, breaker points and impulse coupling
Capacitor discharge electronic ignition, superior performance
Spark plug life
Extended spark plug life
Easy to service
plug-in modules and removable back cover
CSA-certified for Class I, Division 2, Group D hazardous areas