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Altronic IIING is a self-powered, low-tension, capacitor discharge ignition system for 3- to 16-cylinder, 2- or 4-cycle engines.
Powered from a 12-pole permanent magnet alternator. Altronic IIING provides superior performance throughout the engine’s operating range. Its basic design features—permanent magnet alternator; easily serviced, removable back cover containing all electronics; and simple, reliable electronic circuitry—have made Altronic IIING the standard of the industry on medium-to-large industrial gas engines. Altronic IIING’s mechanical design matches the long life inherent in the electronic circuitry. Sealed ball bearings used throughout are large and underloaded. The alternator has a smooth rotating cycle—a characteristic which contributes to prolonged bearing and gear life. Synthetic elastomer couplings ensure minimal wear while dampening engine drivetrain vibration. Options for the Altronic IIING ignition system include standard or long spark duration coils to satisfy the needs of any application. Altronic IIING offers completely electronic control of ignition timing. A variety of shielded ignition components are available for Class I, Division 2, Group D hazardous areas.
Altronic III


Up to 16 outputs per unit
Proven reliability and high temperature capability
Long spark duration coil option
CSA-certified for Class I, Division 2, Group D hazardous areas