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Designed to meet CSA B149.

1 (Natural Gas and Propane Regulation) and meets CSA B149.3 (Field Approval Requirements), the Altronic GTI Bi-Fuel® and GTI+® offer an affordable and efficient means of operating industrial diesel engines by blending diesel fuel and natural gas in the combustion process. Using no internal engine modifications and a fumigated gas-charge design, natural gas is pre-mixed with engine intake-air and delivered to the combustion chamber. The air-gas mixture is then ignited when the diesel injector sprays a reduced quantity of diesel fuel into the chamber.

  • GTI Classic -- Either a "on" or "off" state with a set fuel substitution percentage over a set load range.
  • GTI+ -- Continuous substitution with variable fuel substitution percentages over the entire load range. 

Both the GTI Classic and GTI+ allow for operation on gas up to a maximum of 70%* of the usual fuel required to maintain the desired speed and load. 

*Based on several factors including: fuel quality/BTU rating, engine make/model, engine health and load, and environmental operating conditions.

Altronic GTI Bi-Fuel

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  • No internal engine modifications required
  • Cleaner burning natural gas reduces exhaust emissions
  • Reduces requirements for on-site fuel storage and fuel transport
  • Unique, patented design ensures no loss of power or efficiency
  • Significantly reduces diesel fuel costs