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DeltaV™ M-series Fieldbus H1 Carrier
PDP_DeltaV M-series Fieldbus H1 Carrier
The M-series Fieldbus H1 Carrier connects your field-mounted discrete I/O to your fieldbus segment and substantially reduces the wiring and associated costs that are typical of the fieldbus architecture.
The carrier is programmed to accept DeltaV™ Classic I/O discrete signals and transmit the signals over the fieldbus segment to the controller. Use the DeltaV M-series Fieldbus H1 Carrier as remote I/O to bring in 16 signals on one segment, thereby greatly reducing costs.
DeltaV™ M-series Fieldbus H1 Carrier


Operating temperature
-25 to 70 °C (-13 to 158 °F)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)
Airborne contaminants
ISA-S71.04-1985 Airborne Contaminants Class G3 Conformal coating
10 g ½-sine wave for 11 ms
1 mm peak-to-peak from 5 to 16 Hz; 0.5 g from 16 to 150 Hz


  • Mixes conventional and fieldbus devices on same segment
  • Uses DeltaV™ Classic I/O cards on a fieldbus segment
  • Reduces wiring costs