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The SureFire™ II HEP-2 is a battery powered portable spark igniter unit designed for safe hand operation.

The portable spark igniter is for ignition of gas burners in a range of applications which include refineries and furnaces. The HEP-2 portable high energy igniter includes an electronic 2kV ignition module powered from an internal battery pack and an integrated mains power charger. The portable igniter device is equipped with a pushbutton to start the sparking system. 


  • Selectable voltage (115/230 VAC)
  • Visual indication of spark operation
  • Proof of spark relay
  • Choice of system: Integrated Kit or Kit with Quick Disconnect
  • Thermal cutout protection integrated in transformer
  • Compact coaxial retractors
  • Safety bleed resistor discharges capacitors in 120 seconds
  • Also available in hazardous area version (HEP-ATEX)