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Fireye SureFire™ II High Tension Spark Igniters (HTSS) are designed to ignite a mixture of various types of gaseous fuels with air.

The SureFire™ II High Tension Igniter with “Spark & Sense” feature can be used as a flame safeguard for flame detection after ignition period. The rod can detect the presence of flame by utilizing ionization current sensing.

The High Tension Spark Igniters are also designed to be compatible for direct spark ignition of SureFire II Natural Draft Gas Pilots and SureFire II Forced Draft Gas Pilots.


  • Power Packs available in 110 or 230VAC supply versions
  • 16 mm OD rod of insertion length 0,65 to 3,15 metres, with short or long tip
  • No adjustable parts and the use of interchangeable rod tip of a special design with fixed gap between electrodes ensures long operation with low maintenance
  • ATEX options available
  • Advanced design of the rod and the whole unit provides a very stable electric arc and repeatable ignition
  • It is constructed of high-quality materials and each unit is checked and tested before dispatch
  • Low cost solution