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The Fireye 55UV5 scanners use a UV-eye detector.

This detector is a sealed, gas-filled, UV-sensative tube containing two electrodes connected to a source of AC voltage.

55UV5 self-checking scanners are used to detect ultraviolet emissions from fossil fuel flames such as natural gas, coke oven gas, propane, methane, butane, kerosene, light petroleum distillates and diesel fuels and are suitable for use in Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, D and Class II, Div. 2 Groups F and G hazardous locations. These 55UV5 models are used only with the Flame-Monitor™, D-Series, FlameWorx and MicroM control models to provide flame safeguard and monitoring systems for supervised manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic single burner boilers, process ovens and heaters.


  • Components are contained in a cast aluminum NEMA, 4A, IP66 housing sealed with an oi-resistant gasket
  • Quartz lens is a planoconvex design, resulting in increased sensitivity
  • Electromagnetic shutter that permits a self-checking circuit