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Profire PF3100 Burner Management System

The PF3100 is a versatile intuitive solution that presents a vastly superior and economic option to traditional PLC based burner management.

Support a wide array of forced and natural draft applications including:

  • Direct Fired / Convection process heaters
  • Cabin Heaters
  • Heat Medium Heaters
  • Process Heaters
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Amine & Glycol Reboilers
  • Emulsion treaters
  • Gas Production Units
  • Combustors and Flares
  • Condensate Stabilizers

Profire 3100 Burner Management System

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Profire PF3100 Burner Management System


Power Input
12/24VDC Input
Temperature Rating
-40°F to +131°F (-40°C to +55°C)
Enclosure Construction
304 Stainless Steel
Environmental Protection
IP66 / Type 4x
Safety Integrity Level
SIL2 Capable
Hazardous Location Rating
Class I Div 2 Group ABCD; T4A / Class I Zone 2 Group IIC (US)


  • Forced Draft Applications
  • Optical Flame Detection
  • Remote Mount Option
  • Multi-Burner Applications
  • Multi-Pilot Applications
  • Fuel/Air Ratio Control