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The Fireye Bi-Flame Monitoring System controls the startup sequence and monitors the flame of two individual gas, oil, or combination gas/oil burners connected to a common valve train.

 Its dynamic onboard testing checks for faulty relays, proof of valve closure, high and low fire switch interlocks, and shorted air switch.

Its dip switches allow sequence and timing functions, as well as system configuration. It is also capable of modulation (high and low fire purging) and monitoring up to four auxiliary inputs. It is UL recognized in the US and Canada, and FM approved.


  • LED indicator lights provide operating and alarm status
  • Combustion air flow check terminal
  • Main fuel valve proof of closure terminal
  • Low fire start terminal
  • High fire purge check terminal
  • Recycle mode
  • Pilot test mode
  • Interrupted or intermittent pilot
  • Spark, pilot flame & main flame separation
  • 4 auxiliary inputs
  • Real time flame signal test jacks
  • Optional alpha numerical display with history log