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The Fireye MicroM Series Flame Safeguard Control is a compact, microprocessor-based, modular burner management system designed to provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial heating and process equipment.

The advantages of the MicroM are zero dependence on discrete components previously used for timing functions. The MicroM, through the use of micro-controller technology, incorporates smart diagnostic LED's, smart reset function for multi-burner applications, optional alpha-numeric display output (ED510), and serial communications via a Modbus or E500 Communication Interface.

MicroM Series MEC120 Flame Safeguard


120 VAC (min. 102, max. 132) 50/60 Hz (MEC1XX, MEC3XX); 230 VAC (min.196, max. 253) 50/60 Hz (MEC2XX, MEC4XX)
Power Consumption
12 VA (Operating)
Shipping Weight (Approx.)
3 lbs. (2.4 kg.)
Operating Temperature
-40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 60 degrees Celsius)
Loading Rating
All ratings are 120V, 60 Hz