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The Fireye E300 Expansion Module provides increased interlock supervision capability of the Flame-Monitor System.

The Expansion Module connects to any EB700 Flame-Monitor Chassis by means of a ribbon cable. (P/N E350-3, E350-6).

By wiring any of sixteen interlock switches into the Expansion Module, the Flame-Monitor display automatically acts as a “first-out” annunciator for these interlocks. In addition, a fuel selection circuit is standard. The E300 is shipped with default messages associated with each set of terminals.

E300 Expansion Module


Supply Voltage
12V (+10% - 15%), 50/60 Hz
Ambient Temperature Levels
-40 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 50 degrees Celsius)
Response Time
170 milliseconds Purge/32 milliseconds Run
0.5 lb.
85% R.H. non-condensing