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Fireye offers a full range of ABB ACS580 VFDs in 208V-240V, 380V-480V and 500V-600V ranges.

  With over 4 million in service, ABB is a worldwide leader in variable frequency drives.
Fireye offers ABB ACS580 VFDs in three formats: loose (no disconnect or bypass), with disconnect and with disconnect/bypass. ACS580 drives are well suited for use with combustion air fans and programming guides make these units easy to interface with the Fireye Nexus family of efficiency controls. ACS580 VFDs are also a great choice for any other application with motors, such as air handling and pump applications.


  • Enclosure class UL (NEMA) Type 1 or 12 / IP21 or IP55
  • Compact design for easy installation,
  • commissioning and maintenance
  • Incoming air temperature measurement for
  • protecting the drive from different temperature related failures
  • Integrated safety including Safe Torque Off (STO) as standard
  • Supports various motor types
  • Intuitive control panel with USB connection
  • Drive Composer PC tool for commissioning and configuration
  • Standard control program - common software used throughout the ACS580 drive series
  • Control unit supporting a wide range of
  • fieldbuses and input/output options
  • Standard built-in Modbus RTU via EIA-485
  • Coated boards as standard
  • Controllable cooling fan
  • Built-in braking chopper (for frame sizes R1 to R3)
  • Built-in choke
  • Adaptive programming
  • Color coded connection terminals