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NXTSD507HD and NXTSD512HD enhanced touchscreen interfaces allow connection to one or more NXF4000 or PPC4000 parallel positioning controls, for both monitoring and commissioning.

The NXTSD507HD and NXTSD512HD enhanced touchscreen interfaces offer expanded capability beyone what the standard NXD410TS keypad can offer. These touchscreens can be used either with an existing NXD410TS or in place of one, allowing both monitoring and commissioning. Multiple controls can connect to one touchscreen, and auxiliary devices such as the BurnerLogix, YZ300 interlock annunciator and ABB VFDs can also be connected for more complete monitoring. Remote monitoring via VNC and a Modbus server are also standard features.


  • Enhanced graphical interface
  • Flexible location control (local or remote setup)
  • NEMA 4X / IP66 protection category
  • Two different sizes for compatibility with most
  • installations
  • Fully configurable display