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IMI 685B Series Vibration Switches
IMI Sensors offers several switch products at various levels of functionality and price.
At the top end of the switch range is the fully-loaded electronic switch (Model 685B) that provides multiple signal outputs and high levels of customization in one compact enclosure. With a frequency range of 2-1,000 Hz, it is ideal for a variety of industrial applications, including cooling tower condition monitoring, HVAC equipment predictive maintenance and protection of vibratory screens and feeders.

The switch offers multiple outputs to aid a technician in not only recognizing a potential vibration issue on critical machinery, but also in diagnosing and fixing the problem. These outputs include two relays for individual alert and alarm responses, a 4-20 mA overall vibration output for continuous vibration monitoring by PLC, DCS or SCADA system and an analog raw vibration signal output for fault diagnostics.. 


  • Choice of Accelerometer Type: All products in the 685B Series utilize a piezoelectric accelerometer
  • Choice of Measurement Range: In order to provide a measurement range that corresponds to the application's requirements, the electronic switch can be factory-set to one of five options
  • Choice of Power Supply: The switch can be factory-configured to operate on either 85-245 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Choice of Relay Type: There are two relays available in each electronic switch, one for an alert and one for an alarm