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Rosemount™ Wireless Permasense ET410 Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring System
Get ongoing visibility of corrosion and erosion trends in real-time with unique ultrasonic sensors that continuously measure pipe thickness.
The ET410 Sensor system is non-intrusive and battery-powered, allowing for quick and straightforward magnetic installation. The reliable, accurate wall thickness data delivered via a WirelessHART® network from the ET410 system to the accompanying software can help you make better decisions regarding pipe maintenance and replacement.
Rosemount™ Wireless Permasense ET410 Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring System


Temperature Range
From -40 °C (-40 °F) up to 300 °C (572 °F)
Communication Protocol
Battery Life
9 years (BP20E battery pack)
Class 1 Div 1 or Zone 0 hazardous location, see full specs for complete list of certifications
Measurement Range
Minimum wall thickness: 6mm (1/4")
Maximum wall thickness: Up to 50mm (2")
Metal loss detection capability better than 10 microns (0.5 mil) in real field conditions
Measurement Frequency
Default - every 12 hours; User configurable down to every hour


  • May be used on metal with a service temperature up to 300°C (572°F)
  • The wall thickness sensors use EMAT technology enabling easy installation and continuous operation in downstream applications
  • Accurately identify corrosion and erosion trends while avoiding inefficient and potentially unsafe manual inspection methods
  • Easy, intuitive and non-intrusive installation enables a quick method to automate without the cost of wiring
  • WirelessHART technology is secure, cost-effective and delivers >99% data reliability
  • Suitable for Marine environments