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Spartan Controls Becomes Exclusive Representative of Permasense in Western Canada

April 24, 2017

CALGARY, ALBERTA – Spartan Controls Ltd. is pleased to announce it is now the exclusive representative for Permasense™ in Western Canada, an Emerson world-leading provider of wireless integrity monitoring systems for oil and gas production facilities and refineries. Permasense™ provides complete non-intrusive sensor-based solutions for continuous corrosion or erosion monitoring data resulting in better-informed operational decision-making and enabling safer, more profitable operations.

“Partnering with Permasense™ allows us to expand our product portfolio and serve our customers better by providing fully integrated solutions for integrity monitoring,” said Dave Dallas, Measurement Integrity Manager at Spartan Controls. “This technology is maintenance free and detects and measures corrosion or erosion rates with unprecedented speed and accuracy resulting in increased production rates and lower cost for crude processing.”

Direct, accurate and frequent measurement of pipe thickness is difficult with manual inspection methods. Central to Permasense™ corrosion monitoring systems are sensors that employ proven ultrasonic wall thickness measurement principles. The sensors are battery powered and communicate wirelessly, which minimizes the cost of installation and enables large-scale use in remote areas. The sensors are also designed to be deployed in hazardous areas.

“Corrosion and erosion can significantly impact the safe and reliable operation of our industrial customers’ infrastructure, which can have dire consequences,” said Mike Train, President, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Wireless non-intrusive corrosion monitoring is a transformational shift that helps customers immediately understand the health and integrity of their infrastructure in real-time and enable them to fully optimize their operations while maximizing safety.”

Additions to Spartan’s portfolio include:

  • Sensor Systems: The WT210 WiHART Integrity monitoring system delivers real-time wall thickness and temperature measurements from online equipment to your desk, enabling safer and more profitable operation of the facility. This technology employs proven ultrasonic wall thickness measurement and can measure wall thicknesses from 3 mm up to 6 inches and temperatures up to 600°C in refinery pipework and down to -180°C in LNG facility pipework.
  • ET Sensor Series:The ET210 WiHART Integrity Monitoring System specifically designed for quick and easy installation in lower temperature (up to 120°C/250°F) applications. The sensor uses EMAT technology and is capable of measuring the metal wall thickness through external protective coatings. The ET series is therefore ideally suited to upstream applications, where the operating temperatures are generally lower than refineries and it is important to maintain the integrity of the external protective coating.

Permasense™ technologies complement Emerson’s Roxar™ intrusive corrosion monitoring and non-intrusive sand management systems that provide customers a more complete view of their operations and facilities.

About Spartan Controls

Spartan Controls is the leading provider of process control, measurement and automation solutions in Western Canada. For over 50 years, Spartan has provided customers with high performance solutions, industry expertise, lifecycle support, and technical training.

Our automation solutions are used by the oil and gas, oil sands, pulp and paper, power, pipeline, and municipal industries. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience where expertise and collaboration come together 24/7, 365 days a year.

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