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Spartan Controls becomes exclusive representative for Boreal Laser in Western Canada

November 10, 2017

CALGARY, ALBERTA – Spartan Controls is pleased to announce it is now the exclusive representative for Boreal Laser in Western Canada. Boreal is a world leading provider of open path laser-based gas detection for toxic, combustible and greenhouse gases and monitoring applications.

“Partnering with Boreal allows us to expand our product offering within Spartan’s fire and security business and serve our customers better by providing a complete gas detection suite of products,” says Jim Hueston, Manager at Spartan Controls. “Boreal complements the existing fire detection, fire and gas systems, emergency warning systems and industrial IP video capabilities that we currently provide to customers.”

Boreal’s Open Path-Tunable Diode Laser (OP-TDL) technology provides continuous and instantaneous response times and accurate readings of targeted gases without false alarms caused by cross sensitivity to other gases or atmospheric interference. This is an operational-friendly technology as it has a lifespan of over 15 years and does not require inherent calibration. 

“I have not seen an organization that is as well-connected and respected as Spartan Controls,” says Kyle MacDonald VP, Environmental Monitoring at Boreal Laser. “The combination of Boreal’s new GasFinder3 Technology Platform and Spartan Controls’ deep industry knowledge will provide the market with an unparalleled product and service offering.”


Open path monitoring with Boreal’s analyzer allows the detection of H2S, CH4, HF, NH3, CO2 CO, HCN, HCL C2H2 and C2H4 leaks from industrial operations quickly and unambiguously. Boreal analyzers can be used for fixed monitoring applications or for temporary protection of workers during construction projects, drilling operations or other hazardous applications.


Most sources of fugitive emissions are from multiple points rather than single point sources. Open path area or perimeter monitoring provides more meaningful fugitive emissions data than an array of point sensors or a program of grab sampling. Point measurements may underestimate emissions due to missing locations with high gas concentrations, or conversely overestimate because they are located in areas of high concentrations. Grab sampling programs typically check only a small percentage of potential leak locations and extrapolate results to an entire facility. Wide margins of uncertainty are associated with such extrapolations.

Open path monitoring provides continuously updated, real-time, path-integrated concentrations across a facility boundary that can be used to generate an estimated emissions rate. This provides a much more complete picture of the estimated fugitive emissions across that boundary, enabling identification of specific operations and times that give rise to higher emissions, therefore enabling these emissions to be properly managed and controlled.

About Spartan Controls

Spartan Controls is the leading provider of automation, valves, measurement and process control solutions in Western Canada. For over 55 years, Spartan has provided customers with high performance solutions, industry expertise, lifecycle support, and technical training.

Our automation solutions are used in all industries including oil and gas, oil sands, mining, pulp and paper, power, pipeline, and municipal industries. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience where expertise and collaboration come together 24/7, 365 days a year. For more information visit

About Boreal Laser Inc.

Boreal Laser was formed in April 1990 and has been developing and manufacturing open path laser-based gas detection solutions since 1993 and has installations in over 47 different countries, servicing the safety, environmental, and mobile domains. Boreal has adopted lean manufacturing principles to deliver high quality products as efficiently as possible. As a result, most of the instruments Boreal delivered in its early years are still in operation two decades later. Endorsements, referrals and repeat business from existing and highly satisfied partners remain Boreal’s most effective marketing tool.

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Jim Hueston

Manager, Fire & Security, Spartan Controls