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Spartan Controls Announces Suite of Comprehensive Applications & Services for New BLIERs Regulations

July 14, 2016

CALGARY, ALBERTA - On June 29, 2016 the Government of Canada announced the Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations to establish Canada’s first ever mandatory national air pollutant emissions standards for major industrial facilities. These new Base Level Industrial Emission Requirements (BLIERs) were published in Gazette II by Environment Canada and will focus on:

  • Natural gas engines – primarily utilized for compression, electrical power generation and pumping within industrial facilities
  • Boilers and heaters – steam generation for various purposes in industrial process applications
  • Grey cement manufacturing facilities

Regulations for stationary reciprocating natural gas engines in Canada will apply to all new 75kW (100hp) and above engines and all existing 250kW (335hp) and above engines. The regulation proposes a 10 year time frame for compliance. Owner/Operators of these engines will have two approaches available to meet compliance: a per-unit approach, and an average approach.

“We have developed a suite of solutions, products and services aimed at ensuring our customers will be able to meet these regulation changes for their natural gas engines,” said Cam Dowler, Technical Specialist at Spartan Controls. “Additionally, Spartan’s proven BLIERs planning tool has already reduced existing customers’ planning phases for compliance by many months.”

Spartan’s BLIERs Solutions include:

Fleet Analysis Tool, Business Plan and Implemented Services

It is essential for owner/operators of natural gas engines to complete a detailed fleet analysis, business plan and implementation plan promptly to determine the scope of their compliance responsibilities. Understanding if there are 20 or 200 engines to retrofit in the allotted time will be key to meeting regulatory expectations and an early understanding of these details will ensure compliance by the required dates. Spartan has the expertise, along with recommended third party qualified consultants, to assist with the detailed analysis and implementation planning.

Patented NOx Reduction Solutions with Proven ROI

Environment Canada has completed extensive analysis and held numerous stakeholder meetings with engine owner/operators, engine OEMs and technology vendors and has recommended two approaches to reduce NOx for rich-burn natural gas engines.

  • Rich to Lean Conversion – Spartan has the only patented rich to lean technology (REMVue®) that enables substantial NOx reductions, fuel savings and reliability improvements
  • Non-Selective Catalyst Reduction (NSCR) with Stoichiometric Air-Fuel Ratio Control - offering the best-in-class Murphy compliance air/fuel ratio controller and EmeraChem catalyst

Products and Services for Boilers, Heaters and Cement Kilns

Combustion Control Engineering and Optimization Services: Spartan Controls provides applied engineered solutions designed to integrate with low and ultra-low NOx burner technologies to reduce NOx levels as low as 10 ppm in specific applications. Additionally, Spartan has developed advanced combustion controls strategies which safely maximize the unit efficiency while minimizing NOx formation.

A comprehensive line of applied engineering services, process instrumentation, combustion control and burner management hardware, system packaging, as well as fuel train fabrication services are also available to help organizations meet the new emission requirements.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS): CEMS are now required on all cement kilns as well as new boilers and heater equipment exceeding an energy input of 262.5Gj/h (77MW). Spartan’s complete CEMS solutions include applied engineering services, combustion gas analyzers, packaging, and monitoring and reporting systems designed to meet the new government regulations.

About Spartan Controls

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