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US energy company wins environmental award with help from SlipStream technology

April 29, 2015

CALGARY, ALBERTA - The Gas Processors Association (GPA) recognized Targa Resources, a US based midstream energy company, with the Environmental Excellence Award at the 9th annual GPA convention in April. The award celebrates company projects that demonstrate initiative and leadership in managing environmental affairs in midstream sector activities.

In an effort to reduce plant emissions, maintenance downtime and improve fuel efficiency, Targa Resources implemented REM Technology’s SlipStream in 2011 as a means of reducing/eliminating reciprocating compressor rod packing vents. 

In this application, the patented SlipStream technology was integrated into their compressor control panel and captured vented atmospheric hydrocarbon emissions from reciprocating rod packing vents and used them as fuel. This reduces the amount of fuel needed to run the compressor’s engine, while still enabling normal performance. The system handles low and variable gas flow rates, as well as variable BTU rates, and the gases that are routed back to the engine’s intake do not require compression.

Targa commented at the awards presentation that the SlipStream project had been a great success, they realized benefits of reduced plant emissions, maintenance downtime and improved fuel efficiency, and that the use of SlipStream has helped them meet their NSPS OOOO compliance for rod packing.

In December of 2014, EPA released the updated NSPS OOOO regulations that allow the use of SlipStream as a third option to reduce compressor rod packing venting.

This special recognition of the SlipStream technology comes on the heels of the first field trial of the technology in heavy oil applications in Canada, which will be conducted this year with partial funding from Natural Resources Canada.

And with the most recent ST60B report by the Alberta Energy Regulator showing that after 14 years of decline and stability, the venting and flaring of solution gas has increased during the last three years, mostly due to higher production, the use of this technology could be beneficial for Alberta and other provinces.

“It is important to support the development of practical new technologies that can economically reduce this source [venting and flaring of solution gas] of GHG emissions,” said the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC) in a recent newsletter. “To date, practical and economic solutions to this challenge have eluded the industry. The Canadian company REM Technology has worked on such a technology and early indications are promising.”

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