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News release

Spartan Controls announces partnership with Berthold Technologies

June 15, 2015

CALGARY, ALBERTA - Adding to the already comprehensive offering of measurement instrumentation, Spartan Controls has become an official representative of Berthold Technologies.

For over 52 years, Spartan has been providing excellent service to customers in support of products. This new partnership, made official in September of 2014, means this high level of service now extends to another measurement technology and provides customers access to even more reliable solutions.

“Berthold focuses solely on radiometric measurement devices, where other competing companies have radiometrics as a complementary product relative to the overall scope of their business model,” says Chris Wilkinson, Measure & Analyze Manager at Spartan Controls. “This partnership means our customers can feel confident they are doing business with an industry expert manufacturer who is dedicated solely to this specific technology.”

Berthold Technologies radiometric (nuclear) measurements for density, level, bulk flow, and moisture are non-intrusive and non-contacting, which allows for installation and service of the products without process downtime. Additionally, as the equipment never physically touches the process, there is no concern with extreme process conditions that have a tendency to plug, erode and coat traditional types of measurement technology.

Berthold manufactures extremely sensitive detectors which allows Spartan to size applications using smaller source activities, and extend the life of existing sources to reduce the amount of source disposal expenses our customers incur.