Catalytic Feed Control

Catalytic reformer feed controls are commonly set up as flow control loops, and are configured to fail open so that a valve failure will protect the furnace radiant section tubes. A valve with poor control characteristics in this service can cause swings in the amount of conversion through the unit, reduced unit throughput, increased coke laydown, and melted radiant tubes, all of which could cause difficulties controlling the outlet temperature of the furnaces and potentially shorten reactor life. 

Spartan’s local experts can assist in the proper selection of a valve, body type, trim and measurement technology to ensure accurate and reliable control of your refining assets. 

Fisher Large ET control valves are used for either throttling or on-off control of a wide variety of liquids and gasses.

The Fisher V500 eccentric plug rotary control valve controls erosive, coking and other hard-to-handle fluids, providing either throttling or on-off operation.

Orion is a project driven company and a world leader in the design and manufacturing of cast steel gate, globe and check valves.
The FIELDVUE DVC6200 is a digital valve controller capable of operating using 4-20 mA, HART, Fieldbus, or Profibus communication protocols. The basis of its operation is the conversion of a control signal into a pneumatic output controlling valve position.

EIM manufactures dependable electric, high pressure/low pressure fluid powered and manual valve actuators to meet all industry needs. Its intelligent design maximizes design modularity and eases service requirements. All EIM actuators are designed using heavy-duty components to ensure a long life and meet even the most stringent rating and certification requirements.

The Fisher® Z500 is the first Fisher® severe service engineered on/off ball valve and is ideally suited for applications in the power, steam, mining, and coking industries.
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