Acid Feed Control

Since this loop controls the hydroflouric acid being fed to the reactor, it is important that it is reliable and consistently operational to provide conversion from olefins to alkylate in the reactor. An upset in the control valve could cause a leakage of hydroflouric acid, leading to a major environmental and health risk. 

Spartan’s acid feed control solution is constructed specifically for critical service applications such as this. Due to the high acid content, the valves selected for this solution are constructed completely from Monel, along with Monel Trim and Fisher Enviro-Seal packing.

Avoid hazardous and costly leaks and gain accurate mass flow and density measurement when you choose Spartan for your acid feed control needs. 

Vee-Ball™ V300 is a flanged valve for throttling or on-off operation for many different applications in the process industries. The V300 is available in NPS 1 through 16, CL300 (DN 25 through 100, PN 15/40). Trim components are interchangeable between Design V150, V200 and V300.
Fisher EZ valves are used for throttling or on-off control of a wide variety of liquids and gases. The single-port, globe-style body design offers quick-change trim and a post-guided, unbalanced valve plug. The EZ valve is used in chemical or hydrocarbon processing applications or wherever control of non-lubricating, viscous, or other hard-to-handle fluids is required.
The FIELDVUE DVC6200 is a digital valve controller capable of operating using 4-20 mA, HART, Fieldbus, or Profibus communication protocols. The basis of its operation is the conversion of a control signal into a pneumatic output controlling valve position.
Coriolis products are commonly used for flow and density measurements in applications such as crude oil, pipeline custody transfer, truck loading/unloading, and more. Spartan Controls represents Micro Motion, which provides industry leading accuracy and reliability even in the toughest process conditions. Micro Motion meters are the highest performing coriolis flow and density measurement devices available today.
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